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GCAP “CoolCast” Episode 26: Global Cold Chain Alliance

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GCCA: Global Cold Chain Alliance

Mission:  The Global Cold Chain Alliance unites partners to be innovative leaders in the temperature-controlled products industry.

Vision:  The Global Cold Chain Alliance will be the recognized authority in forging a universally strong cold chain where every product retains quality and safety through each link.

Jeremy Williams from Garden City Ammonia Program interviews Tori Miller of the GCCA.   The GCCA is an organization representing 65 different countries involving four major organizations.

GCCA: Global Cold Chain Alliance: http://www.gcca.org

IARW: International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses:  http://www.gcca.org/iarw/vision-mission-history.html

WFLO: Wold Food Logistics Organization:  http://www.gcca.org/wflo/vision-mission-history.html

IRTA: International Refrigerated Transportation Association:   http://www.gcca.org/irta/vision-mission-history.html

IACSC: International Association for Cold Storage Construction:   http://www.gcca.org/iacsc/vision-mission-history.html

GCCA-OSHA Alliance: http://www.gcca.org/programs/gcca-osha-alliance.html

Ammonia Safety Poster

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GCAP “CoolCast” Episode 25: OSHA’s National Emphasis Program: NEP

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OSHA’s National Emphasis Program: NEP

Jeremy Williams and staff of Garden City Ammonia Program discuss the outline of the chemical and refinery NEP and the results as of March 2011 for both NEP inspections from OSHA.

A NEP course has been developed through GCAP for the need of understanding OSHA’s regulations regarding 1910.119.  It was developed for the petroleum industry after numerous accidents in recent past including the BP explosion in Texas .  Programmed inspections for ammonia and other HHC’s have taken place in Region I, VII and X for the year 2009, 2010, and 2011.  It will expand to all regions permanently.

Purpose:  To understand and describe the policies and procedures that will take place with a NEP inspection.  The NEP is designed to reduce or eliminate the workplace hazards associated with the catastrophic release of highly hazardous chemicals.

Emphasis on Implementation over Documentation:  “Based on past OSHA inspection history at refineries and large chemical plants, OSHA has typically found that these employers have extensive written documentation related to process safety management, but the implementation of the written documentation has been inadequate.   Therefore, CSHO’s should focus on the implementation of the various PSM elements and ensure that employers do what they have committed to do in their PSM documentation.” Osha.gov

Visit this url for more information on GCAP’s NEP 40 hour course:  http://www.ammoniatraining.com/nep

Please give us a call for any questions.  620.271.0037

email ammonia@pld.com

For more information on the Petroleum Refinery NEP

For more information on the Chemical NEP

For more information on CCPS

OSHA explaining the NEP expanding permanently

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Garden City Ammonia Program


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GCAP “CoolCast” Episode 24: Refrigerating Engineers and Technicians Association

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RETA:  Refrigerating Engineers and Technicians Association

Jeremy Williams from Garden City Ammonia Program interviews Don Tragethon and Jim Price of RETA. Don is the executive director of RETA and Jim is the acting president. They explain who RETA is an organization and what RETA has contributed and offers to the ammonia refrigeration industry. RETA is dedicated to the professional development of industrial refrigeration operators and technicians.

Mission Statement: To enhance the professional development of industrial refrigeration operating and technical engineers.

Interview Includes:

Jim and Dons experience in Industrial Refrigeration

What is RETA?

How long has RETA been an organization?

Where is the 2011 RETA National Convention?

How many members are in RETA?

What training material does RETA offer?

CARO Exam Certification?

CIRO Exam Certification?

Certifications following the “Ammonia Refrigeration Training Guideline” (ARTG)?

Technician Level Certification Exam?

How many people Certified through RETA?

What is the RETA Breeze?




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GCAP “CoolCast” Episode 23: Vilter

by on Aug.01, 2011, under Podcast


Another exciting interview today.  Jeremy Williams from Garden City Ammonia Program interviews Gregory Dunn of Vilter.  Greg explains who Vilter is and what they have to offer to the ammonia refrigeration industry.  Vilter is widely known for their compressor technology and recently became part of Emerson Climate Technologies.

Interview Includes:

Greg’s experience and background with commercial and industrial compressors

What is Vilter?

Vilter’s Compressor School

What is the Viler Single Screw and how is it Different From the Traditional Screw?

Slide Valve and Vi Control?

What is the VILTech?

Other Technologies Coming from Vilter and Emerson

Contact Greg at 1.414.486.5031 or email: gregory.dunn@emerson.com



Vilter Single Screw Compressor

Vilter’s single screw compressors, for industrial refrigeration and gas compression, deliver longer life, higher reliability and better energy efficiency than twin screw compressors and have fewer moving parts than reciprocating compressors. The key to the single screw compressor’s reliability is in its balanced design, resulting in ultra-low bearing loads with significantly decreased vibration and sound levels. The inherent balanced design advantage allows Vilter to offer an exclusive 5-year compressor and 15-year bearing warranty in industrial refrigeration applications. The key to the single screw compressor’s high energy efficiency is Vilter’s exclusive Parallex™ slide system allowing the compressor to run at optimum efficiency through its full range of capacity. Providing the highest reliability and unsurpassed energy efficiency.

YouTube Preview Image

Vilter Corporate Video 2010

Vilter Manufacturing LLC, a business of Emerson Climate Technologies, manufactures compressors for industrial refrigeration, gas compression and industrial heat pumps.

YouTube Preview Image

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