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Ammonia Refrigeration / PSM / RMP: Acronyms and Important Definitions

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Acronyms and Important Definitions

GCAP has created an extensive list of used acronyms in ammonia refrigeration and PSM/RMP compliance. This list was created for GCAP’s newly rewritten Process Safety Management book.  There are 17 pages of commonly used terms.  If you have any suggestion to add to the list please email us at ammonia@pld.com

To download the PDF click following link: Ammonia Refrigeration Acronyms and Important Definitions

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GCAP “CoolCast” Episode 31: CHEMNEP

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OSHA’s National Emphasis Program CHEMNEP is now the mandatory inspection process of all chemical facilities including ammonia refrigeration.  GCAP has several podcast dedicated to NEP and NEP Citations.  This podcast Jeremy Williams and staff of  Garden City Ammonia Program discuss with Max Lindsay of COMPSM issues arising in NEP inspections across the US.

To read the directive CPL 03-00-014 click here.

3 words of the day.

Documentation, Documentation, Documentation!!!!

Implementation, Implementation, Implementation!!!!

Mitigation, Mitigation, Mitigation!!!!

If you have any question or comments please give us a call: 620.271.0037

If you would like to get hold of Max:
757.876. 7070

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CHEMNEP Nation Wide

Click to read directive: CPL 03-00-014

Effective Date: Nov 29, 2011

PSM Covered Chemical Facilities National Emphasis Program

GCAP has just finished rewriting their PSM (Process Safety Management) and NEP (National Emphasis Program) courses.

PSM – Most PSM courses rely on the IIAR’s excellent “Guide to the Implementation of Process Safety Management for Ammonia Refrigeration” first published in 1994, the subsequent “Process Safety Management Guidelines” in 1998 and its companion “Risk Management Guidelines.” While GCAP believes these books provided an excellent resource for their time, PSM implementation has continued to evolve rapidly in the years since they were published and they no longer reflect the “state of the art”. The new PSM course offered exclusively by GCAP is a re-envisioning of Process Safety Management implementation based on the experiences of the Ammonia refrigeration industry over the past 15+ years, the guidance from the Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS), the NEP guidance from OSHA and the over 8,000 pages of OSHA citations GCAP has amassed from Freedom of Information requests.

NEP – OSHA’s National Emphasis Program for Chemical Facilities evolved in part from the consistent deficiencies found in OSHA’s PSM NEP on refineries. After a 2 year pilot program in 3 regions, OSHA has now rolled out their Chemical NEP inspections nation-wide targeting Ammonia Refrigeration Systems. In anticipation of this massive change in PSM implementation compliance auditing, GCAP designed this course around the lessons learned in the pilot program. Currently, GCAP is the only training organisation in the world offering a 40-hours course specifically on how to implement PSM to the modern requirements under the NEP compliance initiatives.

GCAP will release an audio podcast within the next few days.

For more information on CHEMNEP and PSM/RMP please visit www.AmmoniaTraining.com

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