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GCAP “CoolCast” Episode 35: PSM Compliance Audits: Lessons Learned

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GCAP Compliance Audits: 2012 Lessons Learned

Garden City Ammonia Program has conducted close to 50 PSM/RMP compliance audits in 2012.   We have learned a mass of information and continue to drive excellence in the ammonia refrigeration field.  According the the EPA’s RMP submissions there are over 14,000 RMP facilities across the US that use one or more of the 140 chemicals that would require a PSM/RMP program.  Over 7,500 of those happen to have ammonia over the 10,000# threshold.

GCAP’s PSM/RMP book is back from the printing press.  It is titled “Implementing Process Safety Management for Ammonia Refrigeration” It can be acquired by taking one of GCAP’s PSM/RMP courses or may be purchased for $895.00  for more information give us a call at 620-271-0037.

The following is the Top 6 Findings  across the Ammonia Refrigeration Industry.

Have your ever asked yourself these questions about your PSM/RMP program.

Who? What? When? Where? Why? And How?

If your not, OSHA and EPA will.

1.  Who are the officials responsible for developing and implementing each of the program elements? Example Management System

2.  What are the requirements and contents of each program element? Example Guidelines

3.  When are the required actions for each element completed and when are they required to be completed?

4.  Where have actions been implemented or changed?

5.  Why have the implementation decisions and priorities been made as recorded in the PSM documentation?

6.  How is the program implemented and how is the program’s effectiveness  evaluated and improved (monitoring performance, follow up and closure of outstanding items, etc.)?

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