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New Training Scholorships Available

by on Sep.28, 2017, under News

The Garden City Ammonia Program’s Boiler Division would like to announce the addition of  boiler program scholarships in honor of Bacharach Incorporated, one of GCAP’s strategic partners. The scholarships may be awarded to any individual considering a career in the boiler industry. If you know of someone right out of school, or possibly a veteran, who you feel is deserving of this coveted scholarship, please notify GCAP’s corporate office to apply. Bacharach Incorporated has been a friend and partner of GCAP for years and has donated equipment to the school on several different occasions. Without companies like Bacharach Incorporated, it would be much more difficult for GCAP to deliver the quality product we are known for in the industry. The flue gas analyzers donated by Bacharach Incorporated allows the GCAP Boiler II program options for training that most other schools simply can’t match. Thank you Bacharach Incorporated for your gracious donations to GCAP’s success and we look forward to partnering with you for many years to come.

Below Jim Burnette and Tate Minchew (Boiler Instructors @ GCAP) award Jim of Bacharach a plaque for the dedication to GCAP and training.


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by on Aug.24, 2017, under News

Danfoss has been a large supporter of GCAP the last decade.  They have donated thousand of dollars of valves to the school and deliver a great product with exceptional customer service.  Danfoss has supported GCAP’s safety day for the last nine years and we this last month become another vendor to showcase in GCAP’s year-around trade show.


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Busch Vacuum Pumps

by on Aug.07, 2017, under News

GCAP would like to welcome Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems, the newest vendor to GCAP’s year around trade show in Garden City, KS.  They got their booth set up this last week and next time your down taking a class you’ll get a chance to see their spot.


Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems is one of the largest manufacturers of vacuum pumps, blowers and compressors in the world. Our products are at the forefront of vacuum and low pressure technology.

The Busch product range offers the largest selection of industrial vacuum pumps available in the world today. We offer more than 50 years of experience and expertise in vacuum system manufacturing, and can provide customized solutions for a variety of vacuum applications.

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Ammonia Bobsled Track

by on Jul.25, 2017, under News

GCAP will be hosting an Ammonia Operator 1 Seminar at the Utah Olympic Park in Park City Utah.  This will be GCAP’s second time to teach at the facility and entertainment is second to none.


October 2 – 5, 2017

Enroll Today

This picture is a student of the PSM/RMP class and Williams family in 2001 during the PSM/RMP course held at the Utah Olympic Park.  You must always sample your product to make sure it is at its finest quality.

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2018 Ammonia Safety Day

by on Jul.12, 2017, under News

GCAP’s safety day in Kansas City, Kansas this last week was another great event.  We had over 250 different participants and 29 vendors representing.  Each year this event gradually grows.  The first event almost 10 years ago was 30 participants and 3 vendors.  We would like to thank you all in events success and support the Ronnie Peek Memorial Scholarship Fund.

For 2018, we will celebrate the events 10th annual event. There will be giveaways, shirts and many goodies.  If you have attended a GCAP safety day in the past come join us again in 2018 for the celebration

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ISEL Lubricants

by on Jul.05, 2017, under News

GCAP would like to thank ISEL for their dedication to industrial training and their expertise and great quality lubrication. We are excited to showcase ISEL in GCAP’s year around trade show.


Isel has been engineering and manufacturing ammonia refrigeration lubricants for more than 20 years. Through our excellent distributor partnerships, our oils have been widely used throughout North America, Asia and Europe.

We offer a variety of ammonia refrigeration compressor lubricants with:

  • Temperature ranges as low as -94°F (-70°C)
  • Food-grade options
  • Versions with seal conditioners

In addition, we offer ammonia liquid transfer pump fluids that provide unmatched pumpability in cold temperatures and excellent seal protection.

Our products are proven to offer:

  • Extremely low volatility and solubility in ammonia systems, ensuring that the lubricant reduces oil carryover
  • Enhanced oxidative stability, helping to ensure reduced oil loss and extended fluid life
  • System protection that helps control and prevent rust and corrosion deterioration on metallic parts

Furthermore, Isel’s cold-temperature fluidity and pour-point technology far surpass all OEM and aftermarket lubricants, even polyalphaolefin-based (PAO-based) products.


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Pipe Labels and Markers

by on Jun.26, 2017, under News

If you are in need for some pipe labels, marker let KOLBI help you out. They are the newest vendor @ GCAP’s trade show.

Here at KOLBI, we pride ourselves in simplicity. Our goal is to save you time and eliminate frustration! As a result, we have no part numbers (just write down what you want), and no custom charges for self adhesive markers!Count on Kolbi for all your mechanical identification needs.  Click here for KOLBI’s Catalog


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Fall Protection Systems

by on Jun.19, 2017, under News

Rooftop Anchor, Inc. engineers, manufactures and installs suspended access and rooftop access fall protection systems for commercial, residential, industrial, military bases, sports venues, aircraft maintenance and mining applications. GCAP is proud to announce they are the newest vendor @ GCAP’s convention center.  We would like to thank your continued support for training and safety.

Rooftop Anchor, Inc employees and network of representatives have extensive experience in fall protection safety in new construction and retrofit projects. In our experience we have found that the majority of work environments lack suitable fall protection systems for employees, window cleaning crews, maintenance teams and other contractors who work at height or risk a fall of 4 feet or greater. Rooftop Anchor does not “sell” fall protection products. We are a full service partner that designs, manufactures, installs, and certifies a fall protection system that will make your work environment code compliant.


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Ammonia Gas Detection

by on Jun.12, 2017, under News

GCAP would like to announce CTI as the newest vendor our conference center.  Thanks you again for your support to us and the industry.  Calibration Technologies is a leading manufacturer of gas detection systems and accessories operating out of Columbia, MO. CTI has provided toxic and flammable gas detection sales and service for many years. Our engineers and technicians have over 30 years of experience in system design, sales, and field service.

We service a wide variety of industries including food processing plants, cold storage plants, chiller plants, rendering plants, power plants, chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, ships, and hazmat/emergency response agencies.

Calibration Technologies provides sales, repairs, and in-house calibration services for fixed and portable gas detectors. Our service technicians provide on-site calibration at customer facilities, including certified documentation and field calibration service for all your gas detection equipment. We have decades of experience designing and calibrating ammonia gas sensors, making sure they work in your extreme environments.


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Roof Top Pipe Supports

by on Jun.05, 2017, under News

Since 1982, MIRO industries has been a leader in the rooftop support industry. Our vast experience, provides us with the capability to achieve a full spectrum of services for all types of pipe support industrial projects. As a single source, consulting, engineering and manufacturing organization, we offer complete rooftop and grade level support systems. GCAP is honored to have them support or training and hands on labs. Next time your @ GCAP your get to see their booth @ GCAP’s Convention Center.


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