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Temprite Oil Separators

by on May.23, 2017, under News

GCAP would like to thank Temprite and their donations to GCAP for training and also their booth at the convention center. Temprite’s coalescent oil separators set the industry standard for energy-efficient performance. We got one installed in the new engine room.

Temprite’s coalescent oil separators set the industry standard for energy-efficient performance. Unlike conventional separators, coalescent oil separators are not dependent on velocity for efficiency, maintaining the same level of effectiveness down to 20% of maximum flow.

  • The high-efficiency performance of coalescing oil separators means better heat transfer through the coils, translating into significant kW savings.
  • Coalescent oil separators are ideal for OEM applications where system cleanliness is paramount.





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June 1, 2017: NH3 Safety Day

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Kansas City 9th Annual Region 7 Ammonia Safety Day

  • June 1, 2017
  • @ Kansas City Community College @ Kansas City, KS
  • $35.00 per attendee
  • $400.00 per exhibitor

Thank you for the continued support of the Kansas City Safety Day.  This event is designed for continual growth and new topics each year.  If you are in operations, safety, compliance, supervisor, technicians, mechanic, or manager this event is for you.  If interested in sponsoring please contact us, have available breakfast sponsorship, lunch sponsorships, and general sponsors.

Topics covered for 2017:

  • Screw Compression and Oil Separation
  • Non-Condensable gasses and Purgers
  • OSHA Update
  • EPA Update
  • Mechanical Integrity and Non-Destructive Testing Techniques (NDT)
  • Ammonis Safety

GCAP would like to thank these great sponsors below.  Thank you for your dedication to ammonia safety and training.

miro 1111 PARAGON LOGO JPEG images download download bacLogo

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Farley’s Refrigeration

by on May.15, 2017, under News

GCAP would like to thank Farley’s Refrigeration and their continued support for industrial training. Come Check out their facebook page today and when you come to GCAP next you can see their booth in our convention center.  If you want to download their catalog visit this link.


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Partially Flooded Heat Exchanger

by on May.09, 2017, under News

Alfa Laval’s New U-bend partially flooded plate and frame has arrived and is being installed in the new technician one engine room.  It will sit side by side a traditional flooded system to show both technologies.  More information on the Technician One Class @ GCAP at this link.  GCAP would like to thank Alfa Laval for the donation and their dedication to hands on training through GCAP.  More information on the donation @ this link.


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New Pump Cut-Away @ GCAP

by on Apr.17, 2017, under News

Warrender LTD has been in business for over 40 years and GCAP is honored to showcase one of their newest cut-aways for hands-on-training.  GCAP would like to specifically thank Joseph Warrender for making this happen.  If it was not for people like himself and his company, we would not have great equipment to train off of.


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Hands on Boiler Training: A Dream to Reality

by on Apr.11, 2017, under News

GCAP is now moving on their 15 year of Hands-On Training.  In 2008 the school branched out and developed a new engine room for hands on training.  This ended up being 5 live boilers and the largest hands on training lab for boilers and steam in the industry.  Due to demand, GCAP has been in an expansion for Boiler Room number 2 that last few months.

Training Dates are available at this link

Boiler Lab # 1: A dream of 5 Steam Boilers in 2008 for hands-on-training


Boiler Lab #1: 5 Steam Boilers for Training

A dream of Boiler Room number 2 is coming true

Boiler Lab # 2: Early 2017


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Advanced RETA Refresher

by on Mar.15, 2017, under News

New Course Available

GCAP’s Advanced RETA Refresher Competencies 


Prerequisite: Suggest prior Ammonia Operator 1 and/or Ammonia Operator 2 Credentials

This class is designed to be a refresher for any individual that is looking to attempt RETA Certification credentials such as the CARO (Certified Assistant Refrigeration Operator) or the CIRO (Certified Industrial Refrigeration Operator).  Individuals can also take this class as an overview refresher without sitting for the exams.

If a student was to take GCAP’s Ammonia Operator 1 Course that would be preparing for the CARO.  If a student was to take GCAP’s Ammonia Operator 2 Course that would be preparing the the CIRO and would be no need to take this class if sitting for those exams following the particular course.  This course is for individuals whom have have past experience, training and are now trying to sit for the exams and would like a review/refresher before taking the test. Also, many certifications/licenses across the country require continue education credits.  This class can meet what most require.

We suggest that you bring you past Ammonia Operator 1 and 2 books be supplemented with the book “Seeing Industrial Refrigeration from the Inside Out”. The class will be studying from multiple sources to prepare for the optional certification(s).  If you don’t have any prior books contact our office.

GCAP will provide several supplemental handouts, refresher exams,  study questions, and  RETA’s Online practice exam for the CARO/CIRO exams.  Participants will have the option of sitting for the RETA CARO or CIRO Examination on the last day of class  (must meet RETA requirements for testing). For RETA requirements and testing fees please contact our office.

Day 1: Review/Refresh

  • Safety
  • Ammonia as a Chemical
  • Heat Transfer
  • Saturated / Superheated / Subcooling (Measurements)
  • Compressor Applications
  • Condensers
  • Purging
  • Refresher Exam of Ammonia Operator 1 material

Day 2: Review/ Refresh

  • Troubleshooting Screens
  • Liquid Feed(s) to Evaporators
  • Defrost
  • Enthalpy
  • Psychometric
  • Brake Horse Power (BHP)
  • Kilowatts (Kw)
  • Power Cost in Dollars
  • HP/TON
  • Kw/TON
  • RETA Online Practice Exam

Day 3: Review / Refresh

  • Electrical Schematics
  • Ladder Diagrams
  • Compression Ratio Calculations
  • Practice Questions relating to CIRO Screen and Calculations
  • Test for Certification
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Alfa Laval donates U-Turn Heat Exchanger to GCAP

by on Mar.06, 2017, under News


Danny Hauenstein and Jeremy Williams

This last week in San Antonia Texas, Alfa Laval was showcasing their partially flooded U-Bend / U-Turn plate and frame heat exchanger.  Since ALfa Laval showcased this a few years back the crew at GCAP has had to have one.  Danny Hauenstein made it happen this week and it’s is getting shipped to Kansas.  We have saved a special place for this unit in the hopes getting one for the training lab.


  • Compact dimensions
  • Shorter height and length allowing installation onsite without dismantling
  • No additional support is needed, as the U-Turn separator is supported entirely by the plate heat exchanger
  • Easy maintenance, as both sides of the plate heat exchanger are fully accessible.
  • All ammonia connections access the same side which makes installation easy
  • Integrated oil drain
  • Stainless steel ensuring corrosion resistance and no need of surface treatment
    YouTube Preview Image
  • It ensures efficient separation – due to the use of four different
    separation methods.
  • The short vertical ammonia driving columns, allowing small
    temperature approaches and high system efficiency.
  • Sliding support allows thermal expansion, ensuring no
    thermal tensions build up.
  • Significant oil pot volume in standard execution enough
    for manual drain
  • Separation based on droplet size 0.15 mm
  • Margin for separation is 25% plus one nominal diameter
  • Maximum separation gas velocity is restricted to 60% of
    the re-entrainment velocity, avoiding liquid brought back
    to the gas flow.
  • Extra safety margin from 180° U-bend.




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Calibration Technologies

by on Feb.21, 2017, under News

Calibration Technologies; Specialist in Gas Detection have supported GCAP for many years.  The new engine room will be monitored by CTI equipment and we just got a brand new Ammonia detection system from them.   CTI sensors are built for the harshest industrial environments from engine rooms and docks, to air handlers and blast freezers. Many thanks to Calibration Technologies for supporting industrial refrigeration safety and training through GCAP.


Calibration Technologies is a leading manufacturer of gas detection systems and accessories operating out of Columbia, MO. CTI has provided toxic and flammable gas detection sales and service for many years. Our engineers and technicians have over 30 years of experience in system design, sales, and field service.

CTI servicse a wide variety of industries including food processing plants, cold storage plants, chiller plants, rendering plants, power plants, chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, ships, and hazmat/emergency response agencies.

CTI specializes in detecting a variety of gases including: Ammonia, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen, Methane, Hydrogen Sulfide, Chlorine, Halocarbons,and more.

Calibration Technologies provides sales, repairs, and in-house calibration services for fixed and portable gas detectors. Our service technicians provide on-site calibration at customer facilities, including certified documentation and field calibration service for all your gas detection equipment. We have decades of experience designing and calibrating ammonia gas sensors, making sure they work in your extreme environments.



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Look at GCAP’s new Toy

by on Jan.18, 2017, under News

The Parker V300 Rapid Purger just arrived this week and we just got it mounted in the new engine room.  Many thanks to John Shish and Parker Hannifin to their dedication to industrial refrigeration training through GCAP.  We can not wait to get it running within the new engine room.

Parker 1

The V300 Rapid Purger is designed to safely remove non-condensable gases from ammonia refrigeration systems.

  • NEW: Ammonia loss calculation viewable and stored for 12 weeks
  • Compact Design that weighs less than 75lbs
  • Made from 100% corrosion free components
  • RS-485 Communication capability
  • Records purge cycles, purge time, and ammonia loss
  • Password protection prevents tampering
  • Multiple language display
  • Factory calibrated for plug and play functionality
  • Autamatically adjusts vent pressures based on system conditions
  • Energy savings sleep mode will activate with the lack of non-condensables gases
  • Proprietary microprossor control fo al sensing and control functions


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