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GCAP “CoolCast” Episode 39: Getting Back to Basics with CO2 and Supermarkets

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In today’s PodCast Jeremy Williams interview Andre Patenaude whom is the Director of CO2 Business Development through Emerson Climate Technologies. Today we discused topics that are becoming more and more relevant to commercial refrigeration (Natural Refrigerants).

Donated cut-aways to GCAP from Emerson Climate Technologies

This podcast includes discussion of the proposed early phase outs of R-134a and some similar refrigerants by January 2016.

Emerson CO2 compressors for sub-critical application and transcritical applications.

Getting Back to Basics for technicians

University of Dayton Ohio “Global Innovation Center”

GCAP’s CO2 Technician Course

Mobile training simulators for CO2 applications

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Uncontrolled Anhydrous Ammonia Release

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A scary video of an ammonia release and what looks like a hose rupture.  Thank goodness the spectators did not try to approach the scene and should of been further away.

Anhydrous Ammonia Tank Leak

YouTube Preview Image

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PSM/RMP Training Survey

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The Process Safety division of GCAP continues their 2014 tour in Georgia this week. So far this year, we’ve brought our world class PSM/RMP classes, SOP building seminars, Compliance Audits and PHA study groups to:

Please complete our Survey for the
PSM/RMP Training Tour

  • Sulphur Springs, TX
  • Rochester, NY
  • Orange, TX
  • Bakersfield, CA
  • Stockton, CA
  • Joplin, MO
  • Fort Worth, TX
  • Arnold, PA
  • Germantown, WI
  • Eau Claire, WI
  • Fayetteville, AR
  • Milbank, SD
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Brighton, MI
  • Mason City, IA
  • Auburn, MA
  • Springdale, OH
  • Holton, KS
  • Geneva, IL
  • Jerome, ID
  • Chelsea, MA

It’s great to be out in the field working with the leaders in the Food Production and Cold Storage industries, but being on the road this often means we aren’t available in the office and have to work on new and innovative ways of keeping in touch with our customers.

Those of you who have attended the PSM/RMP class know that one of the best parts of the class is the CD that comes with the book. On the CD there are over 6,000 pages of reference material and templates for Guidelines, SOPs, Forms, etc. The PSM program on the CD can be used as a template to create your own PSM/RMP program. Several Food Manufacturing and Cold Storage companies have done just that and we use their feedback to continuously improve the program on the CD.

Unfortunately, that means that the CD is out of date just about the minute it is printed! We’re not kidding – we’ve made more than 300 changes to the PSM companion CD in the last three years and all of them made the example program just a little bit better. The question we’ve been struggling with is: How do we make sure these changes are made available to our former, current and future students?

Our solution was to set up a virtual CD on a shared Google Drive where students that had already taken the class can always have access over the Internet to the latest, most up-to-date version of the PSM companion CD. This service is totally free to all the students who have taken the PSM class in the last three years. All you have to do is contact the office and let them know a current email address so we can send you an invite to the Google Drive.

Once you receive your invite through email, just click on the link and login to your Google account to gain access to the files on the CD. You’ll notice an additional file in the Root Directory of the CD called “Update History.” For the past few months (and going forward) that’s where we’ve recorded the major changes we’ve made to the PSM companion CD.

Remember: If you’ve taken GCAP’s PSM/RMP or NEP class in the last three years, your access is totally free. If you have not had the opportunity to attend one of these great classes, check out our website on when we are holding them – either at our home base in Garden City, KS or at an on-site class during the remainder of our 2014 tour!

Do you have the need for a compliance audit, PHA study, SOP building seminar, or are you interested in hosting one of our PSM/RMP classes? The wonderful office staff can help you decide if our services are the right fit for your situation. Don’t hesitate to email ammonia@pld.com or call them today at 620-271-0037


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Ammonia as a Refrigerant in Food Processing Distribution

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I was recently interviewed by Doug Bonderud of GoodWay of Just Venting Blog Website.  After over five years of publishing the Just Venting blog they noticed the topic “ammonia as a refrigerant” has been hugely popular year after year. So it stands to reason our first video podcast would revolve around this very topic.

Click Here to listen to the podcast and discussion.

good way



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Ammonia BootCamp in Anchorage, AK

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Garden City Ammonia Program is proud to announce they will be in Anchorage, Alaska in October to host an Ammonia BootCamp Seminar.

Anchorage Alaska

This will be a 7 day intensive Ammonia Operator I & II combined.  Seating is limited so make preparations today.  Course dates are October 22-28, 2014

Course Syllabus


Other Course Dates


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ATMOsphere America: Business Case for Natural Refrigerants

by on Aug.05, 2014, under News

ATMOsphere America was June of 2014 - 

This was the 3rd session and this year took place in San Francisco, CA.

It is a meeting place for industry experts to discuss natural refrigerant trends, the latest technologies and regulatory issues in North America! Taking place for the first time in San Francisco on June 18-19, 2014, this event targets around 250 decision makers including leading retailers, industrial end users, component and system suppliers, training institutes, associations and more.

Presentation topics will focus on regulation, standards and utilities, as well as on commercial and industrial refrigeration applications with input from key government representatives, end users (retailers, consumer brands, cold storage) as well as technology providers.

New features for the 2014 edition include more networking opportunities, optional site visits and several new technology case study sessions on heat pumps and HVAC.

YouTube Preview Image

Derek Hamilton of Star Refrigeration announce their move to manufactureing and contracting in the US for their specialized low charge ammonia systems.

YouTube Preview Image

GCAP believes this a great event as we see more and more traditionally built commercial refrigeration systems moving to natural refrigerants not only in America but across the world.

Click here to look at some of the presentations.


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Ammonia Refrigeration Experience Survey

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Recently GCAP opened up a survey for anyone in the industrial refrigeration field to answer.  As of today date we have had over 300 respondents.  If you would like to answer the survey please click here.

It is just a simple 7 questions such as title, experience, and job duties beside ammonia refrigeration in the plant.  What was an overwhelming response that many people in the plant do not just do refrigeration, but where many different hats in today plants that most people call utility technicians and engineers.

To see the results please click this link Ammonia Refrigeration Experience.


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2014 Safety Day Presentations

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The 6th Annual Region 7 Ammonia Awareness Day was a great success.  Thanks for all the support of the sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees.  Each year the event gets bigger, different topics presented and benefits anybody in the realm of safety, ammonia, or refrigeration.  We look forward to next years event.  Over 225 people attended the event and had 29 exhibitors.

GCAP Safety Day

The Jose Mata Video was presented

Bryan Haywood of Safety Engineering Network spoke on
When is a response to an ammonia release an emergency response?

Brian EuDaly of Calibrations Technology Inc. spoke on
Ammonia Detection Systems – Codes and Design Specifications!

Terry Chapp of Danfoss spoke on “Control Valves and Function

Dick Bailey of OSHA Region 7 gave us the 2014 Region 7 OSHA NEP Update

Jodi Harper of EPA Region 7 gave us the 2013 – 2014 Region 7 EPA Update

RMP Update Question to EPA

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GCAP’s New Operator I Book

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Understanding Industrial Refrigeration from the Inside Out

June 2, 2014 GCAP revealed their new Ammonia Operator I Book titled “Understanding Industrial Refrigeration from the Inside Out“.  Authors Randy Williams, and Jeremy Williams

This is a 15 Chapter text of what an operator/technician needs to knows learning how to the see the refrigeration from the inside out.  The book has been copyrighted, and filed with the Library of Congress for a specific ISBN number.  If you have taken GCAP PSM/RMP course and seen the quality of that book, this will be of equal.  For a full detailed outline of the book Click Here.

  • Chapter 1: Getting Started

  • Chapter 2: Process Safety Management

  • Chapter 3: What You Need To Know About Ammonia

  • Chapter 4: Basic Electricity

  • Chapter 5: Foundation

  • Chapter 6: Heat Transfer

  • Chapter 7: Seeing Refrigeration From The Inside Out

  • Chapter 8: Four Steps Of Refrigeration

  • Chapter 9: Liquid Feeds

  • Chapter 10: Compressor Applications

  • Chapter 11: Condensers

  • Chapter 12: Different Systems

  • Chapter 13: Practice Exam

  • Chapter 14: Common Acronyms and Definitions

  • Chapter 15: Supplement Information

Understanding Industrial Refrigeration from the Inside Out

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The Jose Mata Story

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Jose Mata arrived to his job on what he thought would be a normal day. He never could have guessed the events that would unfold. As he  worked a condenser nearby him failed and released almost 400 pounds of anhydrous ammonia completely engulfing his body in a dense gas cloud. He had only seconds to make the decisions that would save his life. Decisions he learned from years of training. This is a story you will never forget!

YouTube Preview Image

Jose Mata’s story is a heart rending reality of just how quickly life can change. Having trained co-workers on-site and available to respond with immediate first aid care may have very well saved his life. These are true acts of heroism. The message of safety and the importance of training have never been more real. I’m inspired by the courage and bravery that Jose demonstrated while fighting these injuries and being strong for his family; and for allowing me (and so many others) the opportunity to learn and grow from his experiences.

Click here to order the video from ASTI

or contact

Gary Smith

President & CEO ASTI

831.288.0576 Office Line

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