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2017 Training Tour

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  • PSM/RMP/CalARP @ Bakersfield, CA: March 20-23

  • PSM/RMP @ McDonough, Georgia: April 24-27

  • PSM/RMP @ Arab, Alabama: February 6-9

  • PSM/RMP @ Arab, Alabama: August 14-17

  • Ammonia Operator 2 @ Logan Utah: May 22-25

  • Ammonia Operator 1 @ Houston Texas: March 27-30

  • Ammonia Operator 1 @ Arab Alabama: April 3-6

  • SPANISH Ammonia Operator 1 @ Bakersfield CA: May 15-18

  • Ammonia Operator 1 @ Bakersfield CA: June 12-15

  • Boiler 1 @ Des Moine Iowa: April 3-6

  • Boiler 1 @ McDonough Georgia, May 8-11

  • Boiler 1 @ Knoxville Tennessee: May 22-25

  • Boiler 1 @ Harrisburg Pennsylvania: June 12-15

  • Boiler 1 @ Fife, Washington: June 26-29

  • Boiler 1 @ Plainfield, Indiana: July 31 – August 3

GCAP will come to city near you.  To save a date give us a call @ 620.271.0037



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New Book Coming Available

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GCAP’s Spanish Operator 1 book “Understanding Industrial Refrigeration from the Inside Out” has always been something we’ve wanted to offer to the industry. Anthony Verdugo and Miguel Bermudez have been challenged to translate GCAP’s English book completely into Spanish. Once the book is done, it will be used along with the Spanish lectures we offer in the Spanish Operator 1 course.   The goal is to have the book done and edited by April 2017!

When Anthony Verdugo came aboard in 2012, GCAP had the idea of developing a Spanish Division. Taking advantage of his bilingual abilities, he was given the responsibility to revise and re-edit the RETA Spanish book 1. After re-editing the RETA Spanish book 1, and developing Spanish lectures to go with it, we decided to launch our very first Spanish Seminar for Entry Level Operators. After doing a couple Spanish Seminars we realized that the material being presented was good, but the book wasn’t exactly what GCAP was trying get across to our students.

20161130_160729In 2015 GCAP decided to hire another Spanish Instructor, Miguel Bermudez was the perfect individual for the job. Therefore, Anthony and Miguel took the opportunity to begin converting the GCAP’s English book to Spanish.  A lot of hard work and dedication is being put into this book as we speak. “Translating an entire book to Spanish is not an easy task to do” said, Anthony Verdugo but “we look forward to offer a new Spanish Book for Entry Level Operators along with great Spanish lectures and the best hands on training lab in the U.S” said, Miguel Bermudez.  Once the book is completely done, we will be proud to announce that the Spanish Operator 1 Book “Understanding Industrial Refrigeration from the Inside Out” will be the new and improved textbook being used in our Spanish Seminars.

If you would like to get the book pre-ordered please give us a call @ 620.271.0037 or email us: ammonia@pld.com



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Today we recieved our shipment of Tattle’s for the new engine room.  We would like to thank Brad Bergman for working this up for us and supporting GCAP.  This a great product and look forward to getting use them in GCAP’s new edition.  The Tattle pressure relief vent indicator offers a simple yet innovative solution to quickly identify when a pressure relief valve has been activated. A Tattle installed on the outlet of a pressure relief valve (PRV) can be the first line of defense against the costly and potentially hazardous release of refrigerants such as ammonia, Freon, steam, or other compressed gasses. By providing a visual indication of what can be an intermittent event, the Tattle allows the system operator a quick, reliable, and cost effective solution to a problem that could go undetected for a significant amount of time.  Visit this website fore more information.




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2nd Annual Scholorships

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Every year in Kansas City Kansas for about the last decade GCAP has hosted an annual ammonia safety day.  The last few years proceeds have been used for scholarships for local students from Finney county Kansas.  Thank you all for the support of the safety day.

Two area students have been named the 2nd recipients of the Ronnie Peek Memorial Scholarship for 2016 funded by Garden City Ammonia Program known as GCAP. The scholarship fund, named in memory of 16 year Garden City fire department veteran Ronnie Peek whom died during a training exercise in 2015.

Each recipient has recieved $1,500 scholarship of the 2016/2017 school year.

This is Maria’s second year to to receive the the scholarship and she is in her sophomore year at K-State University studying Psychology.  She is an alumni of Garden City High School and her parent is employed with the Garden City Police Department.

Nicholas is a recent graduate from Garden City High School.  His parents are employed by the Garden City Police Department and Garden City Fire Department.  He will be studying localy at Garden City Community College and plans on becoming a EMT/Paramedic.  He enjoys tennis, computer programming, robotics, and attends Bible Christian Church.

We at GCAP wish you be best for you education and hope in launches you into a rewarding career.

To apply for future scholarships one must be a resident of Finney county and be a child of a current parent whom works for the Garden City police department, Garden City fire department, Finney county EMS, sheriff’s department,  or state patrol department and resides in Finney county.  More info at this link .

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New Engine Room: Making Strides

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Ammonia Technician One

The only true technician course in the industry.  Commissioning and decommissioning a 11 screw multi-pressure two stage system, 5 different pressures, and over 25 different loads.

Must have GCAP’s Level I & II credentials and supply a full face ammonia respirator with fit test records.

Course Competencies:

  • IIAR’s: Ammonia Refrigeration Training Guideline (ARTG): Technician Compentencies
  • ANSI/IIAR 5 – 2013: Start-up and Commissioning of Closed Circuit Ammonia Refrigeration Systems
  • ANSI/IIAR 8 – 2015: Decommissioning of Closed-Circuit Ammonia Refrigeration Systems

Register Today

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RETA National Conference

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Refrigeration Engineers and Technicians Association will be hosting there annual RETA conference this year in Las Vegas!!! It will be October 4-7, 2016. Hope to see you there.  Information about registration can be found by clicking here. 

YouTube Preview Image

“All in For Education!” is theme for the RETA 2016 National Conference.

Topics and Hands-On – We are taking this to heart by offering attendees a truly robust program full of a variety of topics, including Technical Sessions in the areas of Compliance, Engineering, Manufacturing & Operations. Hands-On sessions will also be available, as well as Manufacturer Specific Sessions.

Certification and Training – Attendance accrues RETA professional development hours (PDH) applicable to maintaining RETA certification. Earn up to 15 RETA PDH from the Conference program or up to 28 RETA PDH with a combination of the Refrigeration Review Course and Conference program. RETA PDH may be applied toward CIRO, CARO, CRES and RAI certification maintenance.

Exhibitors, Guest Programs and more – Besides educational tracks and the review and certification program, attendees will have an opportunity to discuss and exchange information, meet vendors in the field through the exhibition & Hot Point Tracks, and attend events like the RETA Business Lunch, Rumble, & Awards Banquet.



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OSHA and EPA Region 7 PSM/RMP Updates

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Region 7 OSHA gave the PSM update for 2016 @ GCAP’s 8th Annual Ammonia Safety Day this last month.


Much emphasis was placed on;

  • RAGAGEP (Recognized and Generally Accepted Good Engineering Practices) such as IIAR, ASHRAE, Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS), and others.
  • Retail Exemption Changes
  • Re-write of 1910.119
  • Emergency Planning and Response

View the presentation by clicking this link GCAP OSHA PSM 2016 Update Region 7

Regions 7 EPA gave a yearly update and explained the new proposed rule, and top 10 list for EPA inspections.  They also explained Region 7 highest citations by element and examples of best practices.

GCAP Safety Day

Top 10 List by EPA for Inspection:

  1. Releases
  2. Facilities that have EHS Chemicals
  3.  Poorly maintained equipment / poor chemical housekeeping
  4. Chemical staining, spillage, dumping, burial
  5. Vessels/containers leaking and no action being taken
  6. Appearance of dumping untreated waste/chemicals down drains, storm sewers, or waterways
  7. More than 500 pounds of NH3, 100 pounds of chlorine gas, or 10,000 pounds of any chemical and local responders do not know
  8. No emergency procedures/plans in the event of a chemical spill
  9. Significant tankage of oil/petroleum without secondary containment
  10. Visual dense smoke or dust (not steam) leaving facility

Region 7 Highest Citation by Element for last rolling year

  1.  Process Hazard Analysis (11%)
  2.  Compliance Audits (10%)
  3.  Process Safety Information (9%)
  4.  Standard Operating Procedures (7%)
  5.  Mechanical Integrity (6%)
  6.  Training (5%)

For more information download EPA’s presentation: EPA RMP Region 7 Update 2016

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Pics from 8th Annual Ammonia Safety Day

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This years safety day topped them all.  We want to thank you all whom came, and support of our sponsors and exhibitors.  If you did’t get a chance to come this year, don’t miss next years event.

We had lectures on ammonia and it’s properties, PSM/RMP updates within the last years, and Region 7 OSHA and EPA updates.  We had some live ammonia releases and also tried to ignite ammonia in GCAP’s new explosion chamber.  OSHA and EPA updates will be posted soon on www.ChemNEP.com  

GCAP Safety Day 22



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GCAP Expanding Boiler Division

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GCAP is expanding their boiler division to add three new boilers in it’s second boiler lab for hands on training.  We have recieved two of three new boilers.  One is the Sellers S Series and the other is a Superior Condensing Creek XL Boiler. Great opportunities for advanced training and new technology.

The Creek XL condensing boiler can be used as a high efficiency heating boiler. The heart of the Creek XL is a robust titanium infused stainless steel heat exchanger – the key to its high efficiency. This design allows the boiler to withstand the corrosiveness of condensed flue gases for years of reliable operation. A large horizontal combustion chamber limits the formation of Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) and is matched with a specially engineered vertical condensing section of AISI 316 Ti stainless steel.

The Creek XL is a flow-through design which means no dedicated boiler pump is required. The Creek XL has no limit on return water temperature, and is designed with TWO hot water returns, allowing for a system with two distinct loops and two different return temperatures. This makes the Creek XL a very flexible boiler that can be used in many situations.

GCAP's New XL Creek Superior 3

Sellers Manufacturing Company was founded in Chicago in 1931 when new industries were looking for ways to take advantage of natural gas energy. Sellers pioneered gas-fired equipment such as boilers, burners, water heating equipment and bakery equipment.

Sellers is well known throughout the world as offering the highest quality equipment with unrivaled reliability, efficiency, ease of maintenance, durability and cost effectiveness.

The Sellers immersion fired S-Series steam boiler is a horizontal, single pass, firetube boiler designed to burn natural gas. The unique burner assembly delivers pre-mixed air and gas through multiple nozzles. The air-gas mixture is ignited as it exits each flame retaining nozzle at high velocity The resulting flames are long and small in diameter. The flame from each of these nozzles is directed into a 2″ O.D. tube that is completely immersed in liquid. There is a separate tube for each flame with the same amount of heat going into each tube. These small diameter flames burn in the first half of the tube lengths. Therefore, the “fire shines“ on half of the heating surface in the single pass boiler — 50% of the total heating surface is radiant heating surface.

The high percentage of radiant heating surface, the low heat input into each tube, and the even distribution of heat throughout the multiple tubes virtually eliminate thermal stress problems that are common in multiple pass boilers.

GCAP boiler new 3 GCAP boiler new 4

YouTube Preview Image
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IIAR Conference 2016

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We had a great time once again at the IIAR conference this year in Orlando.  Many exciting things happening in the industry.  Miguel Beremudez of GCAP even one a nice acoustic guitar from the RETA folks.

Some good guys

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